Meet the Funk Jedi...

Scottish-Pakistani artist FiDA is independently achieving success through his eccentric vocal style & innovative production. Combining South Asian culture with Electronic R&B, FiDA has accumulated over 450,000 streams across major platforms, earning himself BBC Radio play and a devoted TikTok following. 

A fan of the outrageous, FiDA draws inspiration from Kanye West, Daft Punk & Jai Paul; self-sufficiently writing, producing, and engineering each of his releases. FiDA continues to captivate his listeners, taking them on a genre-binding journey through space, while exploring themes of heartbreak and self-discovery. 

If you ever need an escape from earth, FiDA can provide the soundtrack...

While his Abu (Father) rotated Pop icons Michael Jackson & The Beatles, FiDA's Ami (Mother) introduced him to classic Pakistani hits & Bollywood soundtracks. Fascinated by distinctive sound production, FiDA studied icons such as J Dilla & Timbaland while forming his approach to music.

Concurrently, the artist developed his songwriting and vocal abilities, inspired by the likes of Nazia Hassan, D'Angelo, & Frank Ocean. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, FiDA reinvents himself with each release, ultimately providing us with a short, yet breathtaking glimpse into the current state of his constantly evolving universe.

"If this is what he can achieve from his bedroom, it is safe to say big things are yet to come." - Luke Knowles, Barstool Music